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The Least Competent Time Travelers

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Three simple rules we learn from LOST, Futurama, Back to the Future, and others:

1. Cause and effect. If you change anything in the past, no matter how small, you will affect the future in unplanned ways.

2. Be kind. Anything you do WILL have ramifications.

3. Stay away from relatives or you could endanger your own existence 

Specifically for LOST: "So say you're on a plane heading to a magic island, and when you land, you've managed to land in the ‘70s. How would you deal with this situation? Well, if you're a character of Lost, you decide to detonate an atomic bomb. I know their plan was to reset the timeline so that they never landed on the island in the first place, but 1) it didn't work, because the island is crazy and 2) you still have to go through the process of exploding. Look, it may be slightly less crazy than "I'll hire a mind-swapping werewolf" but if your plan is "Let's explode an atomic bomb and hope for the best" you seriously need to think up a better plan."

a magic island in the '70s?  i'd look for Montalban and Villechaize of course....

Ha! I never thought about that before... LOST == Fantasy Island...

Not the the least competent time travelers.... EXCELLENT!

LOL. Actually, they mastered time travel with the greatest of ease. Bodacious!

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