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Why I Hate Facebook, by Megan Rose Dickey

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Hate is a strong word, but here are her reasons:

1. Too much sponsored content.

2. People can see when you've read their messages.

3. Graph Search is creepy.

4. Too many games spam you.

5. Tagging makes your friends spam you.

6. Facebook keeps changing its privacy settings.

7. It gets in the way of real life relationships.

8. There's oo much over sharing of uninteresting content.

9. It can ruin your life if you take it seriously.

10. People from work want to be friends.

To me, #8 is key.

Though, I've engaged their controls tirelessly and constantly and after years of tinkering and setting, blocking, filtering, hiding, obfuscating, I have it just the way I like it. 

Mostly write only for keeping track of interesting news stories I want, keeping track of mostly important things for a small handful of friends, phish for compliments for my kids' achievements without disclosing too much information about them, and giving family and acquaintances the illusion that I really care about what they post there. 

So is your usage down from what it used to be?

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