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Michael Jordan Breaking Basketball Backboards

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The basketball dunk gif is Michael Jordan at the 1986 Nike exhibition game.

It's kind of like an All-Star game: Players don't really play defense.

Redditor rsava comments:

Pretty sure that's an international game, shape of the key and position of 3-point line.

NBA hasn't used a key shape like that for quite a while, and the NBA 3-point line does not touch the top of the key.

Redditor rsava adds some broken backboard trivia:

First NBA player to break a backboard? Chuck Connors (Yes THAT Chuck Connors, he played for the Celtics and also played Major League Baseball) but not from a dunk.

NBA player to shatter a backboard that caused a rule change? Darryl "Chocolate Thunder" Dawkins from the planet Lovetron. They changed the type of rims because of him. I watched him play in high school against my brother, he was fun to watch.

Most backboards shattered in one game? 2 by Charlie "Helicopter" Hentz of the Pittsburgh Condors v the Carolina Cougars in the old ABA. One in the first half, one in the second. Coach of the Cougars forfeited because he didn't want to wait for them to find another backboard.

Last NBA player to shatter a backboard? Chris Morris, NJ Nets, 1993.

Source video of Michael Jordan dunk in color:

Michael Jordan reaction gif

Breaking doesn't happen as often now, due to a new type of rim connection:

I do miss the possibility of a backboard smash!

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