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Why Gun Makers Fear the NRA

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Gun companies defer to the NRA for two main reasons: First, there’s intimidation. The lobby group has incited potentially ruinous consumer boycotts against firearm makers that fail to follow the NRA line with sufficient zeal. Second, regardless of some executives’ concerns about civil discourse, gun companies benefit financially from the NRA’s hype. Alarms about imminent gun confiscation—an NRA staple, despite its implausibility—reliably send firearm owners back to retail counters. Sales are booming. 

Is there an organization for gun owners that doesn't have the NRA's politics?

Or would an unpolitical org be unsuccessful at creating more demand for (and sales for) firearms?

I keep thinking of the phrase "Fear the NRA".

The NRA knows its Machiavelli. It's better to be feared than loved.

The gun makers made today's NRA and now it's out of their control

This article explains how it happened:

What an upside world we live in where gun makers out for profit at any expense are classed as victims of the NRA--an organization dedicated to gun safety, gun education, and responsible gun use and ownership.   Don't buy into the misplaced demagoguery. 

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