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Doesn't matter whether Google Glass v1 is success or failure. Wearable, context aware, augmented reality is our future. ~Hunter Walk

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Jon Evans writes...

“First you see video. Then you wear video. Then you eat video. Then you be video.” — Pat CadiganPretty Boy Crossover

Sheesh. A whole lot of people who presumably have never actually seen Google Glass in action appear to be really upset. “People who wear Google Glass in public are assholes,” says Gawker’s Adrian Chen. “You won’t know if you’re being recorded or not; and even if you do, you’ll have no way to stop it,” doom-criesMark Hurst.

Seriously, people? Seriously? DARPA has built drone-mounted 1.8-gigapixel cameras that can recognize people waving from 15,000 feetGait recognitionsoftware is good enough that they probably don’t even need to see your face. Oh, yes, and they’re working on legions of drones the size of insects, too, while they’re at it. There’s already one closed-circuit camera for every 32 peoplein the United Kingdom. And the NSA is building a new 65-megawatt data centerin Utah to parse this brave new world of big data.

Who's afraid of Google Glass? There are way worse things out there...

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