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3D Printer Turns Body Scans Into Edible Gummi Candies

Stashed in: Awesome, Watermelon!, 3D Printers, Candy!, Pineapple!

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Life-size would be amazing, holographic even.

Wait, would you eat a life-size gummi of yourself?

Given enough time.

And if I'm pineapple.

Brings new meaning to the phrase "EAT ME".

You'd probably enjoy watermelon too, not just pineapple.

Who wouldn't?!   :-)

Ever do this?

Watermelon gummy bear

Rule 34 Alert! Rule 34 Alert! Rule 34 Alert! lol

Oh no.  Inadvertence.

gummy bear Demotivation

Cool!  You dragged the Honeypot from a different stash over here!

I believe in the interconnectedness of all things.

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