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How Not To Sort By Average Rating

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Should panda whale sort their comments for an individual story like this? I wonder what Quora uses for sorting their answers?

I hate sorting and upvoting... it totally kills the conversational aspect for me. :(

Plus there's no dopamine from being the first to comment.

Or missing first to comment because Joyce snuck in while you were reading a @bakadesuyo post...

Whatever Quora is using, don't use it.

They explicitly designed their system to discourage conversation.

I like the Wilson score confidence interval not for sorting comments but for ranking convos.

Interesting use cases:

1. Detect spam/abuse: What percentage of people who see this item will mark it as spam?

2. Create a "best of" list: What percentage of people who see this item will mark it as "best of"?

3. Create a "Most emailed" list: What percentage of people who see this page will click "Email"?

Ah, yes, the conversational element is important. I hadn't fully processed that with my original comment. I wonder though, if there is a mechanism that incorporates both the flow of conversation and the "best" content. As the site grows, there will need to be a way for the community and/or the site to filter out crap and surface the gems.

Yessir, I like that you skate to where the puck is going to be.

Wilson score confidence interval seems really useful for squashing bad stuff and highlighting good stuff.

Will definitely revisit this when we have 10x the usage...

We are now showing the number of props that each comment garnered... that's a start to what you're looking for, Nick.

Neat. I will also keep thinking about how to solve the conversational vs quality sorting. There has to be a better way...

More food for thought: "My dream smartphone service would tell me the next most important thing I should read, given what I'm interested in and what I've already read."