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The Perfect Execution of the San Antonio Spurs

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Why do we so often see a veteran NBA team with aching knees outplaying a team of young, tireless racehorses? This article breaks it down for you to the smallest details.

Even more than other teams, the Spurs have always been prone to rely on brainpower and timing rather than athleticism because they were comparatively slow, small, and/or goofy. But they don't call Tim Duncan "The Big Fundamental" for nothing. Just watching him make one of his best-in-the-business inbound passes, or set a pick with the minimal amount of hip contact, is a joy for a true basketball aficionado. Appreciate the fundamentals!

"When Duncan dunks, he simply drops the ball into basket, then turns to figure out where he should be on defense. Nothing to see here, folks, move along."

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