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Calvin and Hobbes animation - YouTube

Source: YouTube Video

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Calvin and Hobbes, animated. Simply and brilliantly.

I love this! I found an animated gif of it yesterday on Imgur:

Calvin and Hobbes gifs - PandaWhale

Would be wonderful if Bill Watterson would approve a full series of shorts like this. 

I know, right?

I found the original (unanimated):

Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip, September 27, 1992 on

There's another great animation by the same person here:

There's more discussion of the animated gif on Reddit:

From that discussion are the words of Bill Watterson himself:

Actually, I wasn't against all merchandising when I started the strip, but each product I considered seemed to violate the spirit of the strip, contradict its message, and take me away from the work I loved. If my syndicate had let it go at that, the decision would have taken maybe 30 seconds of my life...

This is why (so far) there has been no official animated short.

I also added a bunch of Calvin and Hobbes animated gifs here:


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