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Richard Florida Concedes the Limits of the Creative Class - The Daily Beast

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Florida himself, in his role as an editor at The Atlantic, admitted last month what his critics, including myself, have said for a decade: that the benefits of appealing to the creative class accrue largely to its members—and do little to make anyone else any better off. The rewards of the “creative class” strategy, he notes, “flow disproportionately to more highly-skilled knowledge, professional and creative workers,” since the wage increases that blue-collar and lower-skilled workers see “disappear when their higher housing costs are taken into account.” His reasonable and fairly brave, if belated, takeaway: “On close inspection, talent clustering provides little in the way of trickle-down benefits.”

Seriously good read.  Followed by a Twitter war.

If talent clustering provides very little trickle-down benefits, what should we do?

Can you post the Twitter war here?

Unhappiness.  I scrolled back in time through a million tweets here - - only find the trail end on June 14, 2013.