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This Hot Startup Has To Keep A 700-Name Spreadsheet To Manage All The Investors Who Want To Fund It - Business Insider

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Milne says his inbox has been flooded by more than 700 investors who have reached out about funding Dwolla. It's quite a change from the first $1 million Dwolla raised -- that was a long, painful 12-month process. 

Basically, 700 investors are chasing a single startup.

And, conversely, more than 700 startups can't get a single investor to chase them.

We live in interesting times.

Dwolla can appreciate how hard that first million was to raise.

"Every great entrepreneur has been turned down dozens of times. Laugh it off! Wear it like a badge of honor! Hell, most entrepreneurs who were funded by VCs were probably told ‘no’ by that exact same VC one time before!"

Actually, that's almost always the case. Fascinating.

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