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Northern Lights over Denali

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Aurora Borealis in Alaska!

I love the Northern Lights! Here's a gif for you:

Northern Lights gif - PandaWhale

oh wow.  i want to see that someday.

That's a time lapse -- it doesn't move that quickly.

But Northern Lights do seem pretty spectacular. 

oh, it doesn't?  scratch that.  i'll just watch the gif instead!

hahaha!  jk.  i'm still going to see the northern lights someday.  it's been on my to do list for a while...

Bucket List or do you have another to do list?

it's a life adventure list.  things to do to make my life zestier!

There's a fine line between that and a bucket list. :)

ha!  indeed.  i just don't like the word combination: bucket list.  zesty list is much nicer!

Zesty is a better word than bucket. :)

and it's about living, not dying.

Bucket list is about living too. It's things to do while you're alive, that make you feel alive. 

i know, i know.  i don't mean to get all downer debbie on it, i just don't like that it's about living before you kick the bucket.  it's pointing out a deadline looming ahead, literally, and i don't think that makes life easier or more joyful.

I see. Maybe we can turn the bucket into something life affirming, like embracing the bucket. 

Or maybe I should listen to you, abandon the metaphor, and call it the Dream Life list. 

hahaha!  or maybe i'm overanalyzing a word.

really, call it what makes you feel good.  i do think dream life list sounds more appealing... but still, "dream" implies it will always remain imaginary...

see?  i could really go on and on here!  oh, the power of words.

Ha! The power of words. Makes me want to call it the Awesome List. :)


Now with more awesome sauce!

northern lights gif

northern lights gif

northern lights gif


I used to think all northern lights were green but now I see many rainbow ones too.

rainbow northern lights

rainbow northern lights

rainbow northern lights

rainbow northern lights

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