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The values of 106 Miles are Reputation, Innovation, Solidarity, and Education.

The values of 106 Miles are Reputation Innovation Solidarity and Education 106 Miles

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This post was written on January 11, 2012 -- the 7-year anniversary of 106 Miles.

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106 Miles began in 2005 with a handful of technical founders and mission to educate entrepreneurial engineers through conversations.

We've been thinking lately about what 106 Miles is and the best way we can grow.

106 Miles is about sharing information and experiences, entrepreneur to entrepreneur.

We intend to grow 106 Miles by spreading our core values:

  • Reputation. Sharing experiences.
  • Innovation. Changing the world by employing a combination of creativity and technology.
  • Solidarity. By entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.
  • Education. Sharing information.

As 106 Miles grows out of Silicon Valley, we have come to realize how important entrepreneurship is to the world.

We aim to spread the values of Reputation, Innovation, Solidarity, and Education to the best entrepreneurs everywhere.

See also: What is 106 Miles and what is PandaWhale?

We've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses.

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