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Good Luck With That 'Perfect' March Madness Bracket. You'll Need It : NPR

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It turns out that the cold statistical precision of a computer program is just as unsuccessful as human intuition. Weimerskirch says there just isn't enough data to overcome the randomness of college basketball.

"No matter how much computer analysis you do, you're still stuck with the way the ball bounces," he says.

"That's the beauty of college basketball," Dieckhoff says. "There are upsets all the time. Maybe sometimes it's better to just put on a blindfold and pick the teams."

Or you could try a more creative strategy.

"Somebody apparently won their office pool basing their picks on who would win the game if the mascots fought," Weimerskirch says.

I do love the animated gif here...

Even though our compression algorithm is having trouble with it. :)

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