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West Point sweethearts married 30 years

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The world needs more stories like this, about couples who have been happily married for decades.  He's a general and she's a medevac helicopter pilot, but when they were cadets at West Point he wooed her with a mint.

Wooing someone with a mint only works on teenagers and some 20somethings.

Still, cute story. Thanks for stashing!

The mature female requires chocolate, say, in the form of a York Peppermint Patty.

Or something more sophisticated like dark chocolate.

The mint showed that he had put extra thought into their date, using the extremely limited resources available to him.

I see. Not everyone has money, but anyone CAN be thoughtful.

And having money can mask that a person is otherwise careless.

Thoughtfulness is conducive to love; carelessness can kill love.

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