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Google Baby Picture -- What the first Google Search Engine web page looked like ...

... in 1997:

google baby picture 1997 screenshot


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Internet Archive has what Google looked like later in 1998:

Here's a 1998 screenshot:

What 10 top websites looked like in 1997. - PandaWhale

Here's screenshots of other top websites in 1997:

They all had a Borland Turbo Pascal kind of feel back then. Lots of Times New Roman.

Here's an artistic interpretation of what Google would have looked like in the 1980s:

Only slightly more advanced than if Google Postcard launched earlier:

Google postcard

And here is a visual history of Google's home page, 1997 through 2013:

Compare with "Baby Imgur", a screenshot from 2009:

Imgur Baby Picture screenshot 2009

Internet Archive has:

By comparison, the design of Reddit is pretty much unchanged since 2005:

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