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One Recurring Motif in Calvin and Hobbes: The Cardboard Box

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I love that the cardboard box can be whatever the 6-year-old Calvin wants it to be:

Want to time travel? Or make clones of yourself? Or transmogrify yourself into something else; let’s say, a pterodactyl or a dinosaur or a lion? You’d be wondering what is the connection between these apparantly discrete activities. What if I told you that you could do all of these with one simple device – a corrugated cardboard box? Well, at least in Calvin’s world, you can.

Calvin enjoys cardboard boxes almost as much as my cats do.

With creativity, anything can be entertainment. I can see myself saying:

"In my day, we didn't have iPads. We had cardboard boxes. And we liked them!"

My cardboard box was a cart, car, armory and a silo. Imagination is better than knowledge.

Well said, Vinay. Imagination is everything.

It is a preview of life's coming attractions.

JJ Abrams' TED talk was about "the mystery box" as a tool for storytelling:

The best is a refrigerator box. What a rare and special treat that was!

I wonder if I can get a refrigerator box from Best Buy or Costco? Great idea, Chris!

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