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Biggest BMX Drop Ever. Dale Armstrong gif

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How can he walk? The adrenaline must be masking the immense pain.


Reddit comments:

Best Reddit comment comes from revoopy:

Most of his momentum is taken by the back wheel as it hits. The wheel squashes a shit ton. Then the front slams down and simultaneously pulls him forward, making him sort of bounce his momentum forward, during this he also dismounts the pedals and bends down with the fall as you would if you were rolling out of a fall, and then walks out of the crouch using the momentum of the bike. Basically he just does everything perfectly, especially the way he landed the back tire, though I'm surprised it didn't shred, then again it's probably got better rims than my shitty bike.

The pedals break right off. Amazing.

This must be the highest scooter jump (although not very successful).

world's best scooter jump fail gif

Good try.

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