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KEEGAN: The Opposite of Loneliness | Cross Campus | Yale Daily News

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Maybe it's me being a super stickler for language and it's use, abuse, and misuse, but I beg to differ on the idea that there's not opposite for loneliness. In my head, it's togetherness, or unity, or interconnection.

But then again, what do I know?

"It’s just this feeling that there are people, an abundance of people, who are in this together."

There ought to be a word for that.

I'll go with interconnected until we find a better one. :)

P.S. -- Is it weird that they got her author photo from Facebook?


Well, she passed over the weekend, and I guess was making waves on the East Coast?

In this internet age, I'm confused about what the proper amount of respect one ought to maintain toward the dead. I didn't know her, but information on her is available on the web, and she was a writer so wouldn't she have wanted more eyeballs seeing her work?

She definitely would have, so this is respectful.

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