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Sad Software / Disney complete wreck-its its disc navigation making it unusable

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1) Fingerprints on the disc, I take it out to clean it and pop it back in.  Any other blu-ray disc I have gives you the option to auto-start from where you left off.  Not this one.

2) Disney's "fastplay" auto plays the movie after 15 minutes of un-needed previews

3) Multiple levels of "This operation currently prohibited" just to get back to the main movie's main screen. 

4) Hitting play movie, so I can forward through the chapters goes through another whole level of not starting the movie, so I can't skip through chapters like every other blu-ray I own.

5) I finally get back to the movie home menu, choose chapters instead, chapters aren't named, but I try to find approximately the place where the movie left off.  I get to a chapter and hit go.

6) The movie start, but in the wrong place.  I try to skip chapter backwards and it takes forever.

7) I finally get to a place where I need it. I call my kid, but he's not around.  He's coming back to watch movie, so I pause it. Instead of pausing it, it goes into a "paused" intermission commercial mode. 

8) My kids come back, I try to get rid of the series of commercials which are the intermission mode, it exits out to the main menu and I have to start the whole stupid thing over again.

106 clicks and 3-4 minutes of unnecessary waiting just to get to the content I wanted to see at the time I wanted to see it.

Disney blu-ray authors should be fired.  They basically take control away from the user/viewer for their own selfish purposes, wasting everyone's time, and taking the value away from their content.

Perhaps they realize Blu Ray is a dying technology and assigned their worst people to it?

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