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Adam D'Angelo's answer to Quora Infrastructure: Why did Quora choose Python for its development? - Quora

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Go Python ?

He wrote that answer three years ago. I wonder what he would say today.

I'm actively moving towards Scala. It's something beautiful and fast.

You can't build everything in Scala. What's your main language? Ruby?

Right now my backend is in Ruby. Front-end is all javascript. Scala should be fine for AJAX API. No?

I guess so. I've never heard of needing Scala without having scale though. Isn't Rails enough?

I'm not saying migration needs to be done for the sake of migration. Rails still the only framework, which let's me produce a great looking, functional app in a day. Problem is, Rails is much more then enough. It's too opinionated. For example, it does a lot of web-security work, which is much better done on the web server layer and needs to be done there anyway. It comes with the whole view rendering layer, but this can be done in the browser.

With modern browsers and mobile, the server side is reduced to AJAX API anyway. 

If this is the case, then why not use the right tools for the job?

Good point, and I guess this is why so many have migrated from Rails to Node.

Well, Scala can run circles around JavaScript as language. JVM can run  circles around V8 as execution environment. The only challenge, which Scala has is adoption and frameworks. Which will soon change.


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