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Atlas Moth gif

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The Atlas moth is the largest moth in the world. It lives for 1-2 weeks, because it never develops a mouth and starves to death.


The More You Know - PandaWhale

moth skull Butterfleye - mlkshk butterfly

Moths have some of the coolest names of any species.

True. Any in particular come to mind?

white witch moth, and deaths head hawk moth

White witch moth is beautiful.

White witch moth

Death's head (the moth from Silence of the Lambs)

Urania sloanus, an extinct moth from Jamaica

Madagascan sunset moth

The more I learn about moths, the more fascinated I am by them.

I went looking for colorful moths and found the extinct one you mentioned.

Colorful moth

I also found this one, which does not look real:

Colorful moth

All the ones above look as if they live in The Haight.

comet moth

I'm sure that moth looks bigger than it actually is, since the Atlas moth at the top of this page is the biggest moth in the world.

That photo needs a banana.