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That dream where you rock up to school naked with a backpack... except it's Amber Lancaster, not you...

Amber Lancaster naked backpack gif boobs hard times RJ Berger Imgur

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Similar to Not Another Teen Movie: (NSFW)

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It's Amber Lancaster. From The Price is Right.

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Amber Lancaster in The Hard Times of RJ Berger:

Yes, she's 32 and playing a teenager:

Amber Lancaster RJ Berger boobs hot price is right Imgur

with a horrible tan

Tanning salon or spray?

Most "teens" in TV are much older than the characters they play. (Highschool musical cast, for example).Also, as I drove past a highschool yesterday I couldn't believe how they all look like 12 year olds. Yes, I'm old, but it was a jarring realization.

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