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Minecraft Creator Markus Persson - New Yorker Interview

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Did you know he stopped working on Minecraft in December 2011?

I really enjoyed this New Yorker article:

Since the game’s release, in 2009, Minecraft has sold , earned armfuls of prestigious awards, and secured merchandising deals with LEGO and other toymakers. Last year, Persson  from the game and its merchandise. Persson—better known to his global army of teen-age followers by his Internet handle, Notch—has a raggedy, un-marketed charm. He is, by his own admission, only a workmanlike coder, not a ruthless businessman. “I’ve never run a company before and I don’t want to feel like a boss,” he said. “I just want to turn up and do my work.”

Is Minecraft a once-in-a-lifetime success—a “Tainted Love,” a Tetris—or a foundational work for the next great video-game auteur, like the creator of Sim City and The Sims, Will Wright? Persson is unequivocal. “I definitely think Minecraft is a freak thing,” he said. “There’s no way you could replicate it intentionally. And yes, I’m starting to feel writer’s block as a result. I’m not sure if it’s pressure to repeat…” He paused and looked to the floor, groping for the source of this creative impasse. “Actually, it is the pressure to repeat. And with Minecraft it was just easier, because nobody knew who I was. Now I post a new idea and millions of people scrutinize it. There’s a conflict between the joy of being able to do whatever I want and the remarkable pressure of a watching world. I don’t know how to switch it off.”

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