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How and Where to Buy Extraordinary Trees -

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Tree business in New York. There are tree nurseries that will grow your tree to your preferred height and root ball. Supposedly like investing in art!

It does sound like investing in art:

Ordinary trees offer shade, privacy, visual interest.

Extraordinary trees — rare, oddly shaped or just plain huge — provide something else altogether.

They can serve as sculptural centerpieces to a yard or perfectly complement architectural details. Most tree nurseries keep some odd ducks in their inventory, but a few, including the three listed below, specialize in unusual specimens they either grow themselves or purchase during regular scouting missions of public and private land.

As a general rule, the more unusual the tree, the higher the price. But as Todd Forrest of the New York Botanical Garden says: “Planting a tree transforms the landscape. And planting a cool tree adds value to your home.”

I never heard the phrase "Extraordinary Tree" before. I love it!

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