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Game of Thrones Dark Wings, Dark Words gifs and memes | Season 3 Episode 2

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Oh man. Starting to get good. (Spoiler) is back. Sweet.

Will add some gifs from Tumblr...


“Oh! A great beauty?”

“Yes, she is… Objectively very… her face is quite pleasing… to other men and to women, people in general…”

Jon Snow Ygritte game of thrones season 2 turn back around

One of my favorite quotes from tonight's episode (Not really a spoiler but just in case) [Spoiler] - Imgur


Jordans on a Saturday

Dat Jaime / Brienne fight scene...

DAT J/B FIGHT SCENE ⢠Your Inner Demons

Margaery Tyrell you are the king


“This episode also catches us up with America’s Sweetheart Arya Stark”—That she is, The A.V. Club

Frank's Way

Preview of Arya and Brienne in 3x03 ...




Dreaming about the Past (S3E2 Spoliers) - Imgur

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