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Mad Men "The Doorway" season 6 episode 1 gifs and memes

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Great start to what should be a great season of Mad Men.

Ramblings of No Importance

It’s a little morbid.

Well, Heaven’s a little morbid.

a real hero


monpetitchou07 | Dear Mad Men: More of this, please.

He's kind of gone Ron Swanson.

Frank's Way

Stan Rizzo is nuttier than Ron Swanson.



"That make you think of Suicide" - Best line - Imgur


Don Draper's Drag Race

Mean Mad Men

Sally Draper does not like cops.

Sex Mahoney for President, Great Moments in Freeze Frame #3443 - Mad Men

TIFFANY LE SMELLS, DAAAAANNNNGG Don Draper droppin' dem troof bombs...

But what's his real name?

"What's his real name?" More foreshadowing? Lot's of death talk, as always. But this (near) death scene and Don's position above the victim and the all important question in the dialogue made me pause on this particular frame. - Imgur

It cant be that bad when youre doing something you love - Mad Men Season 6 Episode 1

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