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Margaret Thatcher, Who Remade Britain, Dies at 87

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I read this quote and say to myself, yes that's what I believe.  She had the heart of a political entrepreneur.

"But by the time she left office, the principles known as Thatcherism — the belief that economic freedom and individual liberty are interdependent, that personal responsibility and hard work are the only ways to national prosperity, and that the free-market democracies must stand firm against aggression — had won many disciples. Even some of her strongest critics accorded her a grudging respect."

Is it bad to think of her as a British Reagan?

I don't think so.  I think that'd be a compliment.  Now if you compared her to Annette Funicello, maybe...

As much as it pains my intrinsic Reagan-worship, it's pretty clear from my experience meeting Lady Thatcher and knowing many people in Reagan's inner circle that she was most definitely the leader in the relationship between her ministry and the Reagan administration. She was always the one who pushed, while Reagan, not passive by any means, always had to add domestic politics (incl. a strong pro-Red faction among the Democrats in Congress) to the equation... One of the benefits of being PM and having a majority, i guess..

Wait, she never had to worry about domestic politics?

not in the sense that her agenda could be derailed by the other parties.  One big difference between Parliament and Congress is the PM generally doesn't have to make deals with factions or other parties.

Wow, that seems like a much better way to make actual progress.

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