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"The vast majority of users and revenues has been organically built." ~Mark Pincus

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Mark Pincus says to Kara Swisher, "The vast majority of users and revenues has been organically built."

Translation: Poker was, is, and will continue to be the brightest star in the Zynga constellation.

He's so full of it.

Do you know what happens when when something organically built by Zynga gets consumed by Facebook users?

You get a steaming pile of Crayola!


It's certainly a colorful story that Pincus has dumped on us, but I personally think they can squeeze more value out of mobile if they really push. Once that first release hits the ground the possibilities are endless. They just can't be afraid to get dirty in the process!

Pincus said on stage to Kara Swisher, "In mobile, we are in the early stage where we are trying to build the audience, and we are doing it with casual experiences like Words With Friends, Scramble With Friends and now Draw Something."

Ex-squeeze me?

Which part of Words with Friends and Draw Something was organically built by Zynga?

Lucky for them Facebook now lets them purchase Sponsored Mobile Stories so they can pay for click-throughs to the Apple AppStore and Google Play.

Organic vs paid, not owned vs bought. Zynga has done a good job consolidating a network of games that grew organically...

Good distinction.

I'm trying to figure out if Zynga has a future, or if they're the suckers who are left holding the bags after others virally grew games like Words with Friends and Draw Something to the point where Zynga would buy them.

Ten years ago, there was no Zynga.

Ten years from now, I'm guessing there will be no Zynga.

Why am I sure? Because the best game makers, from Popcap (Plants vs Zombies) to Rovio (Angry Birds) to King (Candy Crush) to Supercell (Clash of Clans), refused to sell themselves to Zynga.

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