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Facebook is staring into the fridge when you're not hungry.

Going to Facebook has become the equivalent of opening the fridge & staring inside, even though you're not hungry.
9:55 PM Dec 28 2012

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Lately I'm finding Facebook hard to navigate, unsearchable, noisy, and full of ads.

So it's neither entertaining nor useful these days.

It's just a treadmill.

Joyce aka troutgirl says "It's like staring into the fridge when you're not hungry."

I asked who said that and she said to look in her Twitter favorites.

Ugh, searching Twitter is like drinking an Ipecac martini.

...15 minutes later...

It's a paraphrase of Nick Bilton from December 28, 2012.

Perhaps we should start calling it Fridgebook.

Here's a picture version of the tweet if you'd like to share it:

Facebook is staring into the fridge when you're not hungry

Social networking has become a club. Twitter is the dance floor. Instagram is the bar and Facebook is the people crying in the bathroom. ~Tracy Morgan

does anyone else think it is all kinda lame?  I use fb, twitter, reddit, pw, and such...but still...would it not just be better to have everything on a Jared site where I can control (and profit) from my online activity???


Yes! Make a Jared site!! :)

I don't need to profit from Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc., as long as I'm learning and/or am entertained.

The Internet has become the kitchen I enter without remembering why.

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