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BITCOIN $250 ... $266! And then CRASH! $105! Now... $150. And that's all in ONE DAY.

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...and then later today... Here's a scary chart:

Bitcoin Crash April 10, 2013 - bitcoin 250 266 105

It got as low today as $105 and as high as $266.

Currently the bid/ask is $143/$149:

Who's ready to buy???

Kim Mai-Cutler says people are attacking the exchanges:

The Tokyo-based exchange Mt. Gox said last week that hackers are engaging in a strategy to manipulate the price of the currency: “Attackers wait until the price of Bitcoins reaches a certain value, sell, destabilize the exchange, wait for everybody to panic-sell their Bitcoins, wait for the price to drop to a certain amount, then stop the attack and start buying as much as they can. Repeat this two or three times like we saw over the past few days and they profit.”

Still no consolation to the dude who used Bitcoins to buy a pizza.

A Bitcoin is now worth $200. Did I mention that someone used 300 Bitcoins last week to buy a Porsche? And then there's the Bitcoin Pizza ... - PandaWhale

How's this for a bounce?

Bitcoin Rallies - Business Insider

This is what panic looks like:

Here's What Panic Looks Like - Business Insider

Down at $90 on the morning of April 12:

Mt. Gox Reopens After Bitcoin Trade Halt - Business Insider

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