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120 Internet Explorers all at once!

120 Internet Explorers all at once meme demotivation where's your god now IE Imgur 9gag

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Indeed, where is your deity now?

Spider-Man And Then There's This Asshole meme Imgur IE Internet Explorer web browser desktop

.... but ....but... I don't have any friends who use a PC !?!?! (so confused)

Then you, sir, need the Keanu Reeves of browsers.

If Web Browsers were celebrities...

Browsers celebrities

If Web Browsers were superheroes...

Browsers superheroes

If Web Browsers were in a treehouse...

Browsers treehouse

If Web Browsers were supermodels...

Browsers models

If Web Browsers were chairs...

Browsers chairs

If Web Browsers were women...

web browsers guns

If browsers were a sitcom

if browsers were a sitcom

If browsers were cars

if browsers were cars

I love how in all these descriptions, Opera is the cool one.

Opera web browser funny

If Web Browsers were transportation:

if web browsers were transportation

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