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Grand Manan ferry cuts face wave of opposition - New Brunswick - CBC News

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I can understand why people oppose cutting the ferry.

I would be a total Blue Tory on this issue... maybe add a specific rider to the property taxes of the islanders to pay for the ferry directly... everyone else shouldn't be footing the bill for the islanders' convenience.

Do Blue Tories still exist in Canada?

You mean like the PM?

Yeah, is Stephen Harper a Blue Tory?

Grand Manan is as much a part of the province as any other municipality. Everyone contributes to the upkeep of roads and highways. The ferry is our highway. 

but if you were in control of it and paid for it yourselves, then no MLA could take it from you.And the ferry/highway analogy would be apt, if the politicians also paid for busses and gas between towns.

Jason maybe it's too costly to pay for it themselves?

I don't have an article about it yet, but yesterday the province closed our provincial park, The Anchorage. It has always been a big draw for tourists. Now it's shut down just weeks before the season starts and 10 people are out of work. 

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that if your MLA weren't a Grit, the PC government probably wouldn't be screwing you so hard.  Lesson: Don't let politicians control your livelihood...

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