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Psy's 'Gangnam Style' sequel 'Gentleman M/V'

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Psy's sequel vid to the hyper-uber-gigantic "Gangnam Style" landed on YouTube today, and as of this writing it's at 10 million viewings, with about 350,000 thumbs up and 38,000 thumbs down.

It's impossible to know if "Gentleman M/V" will top its predecessor's more than 1.5 billion views -- the most ever on YouTube -- but something tells us the preadolescent crowd will find one or two things to love here (things we're too polite to mention in mixed company), and that the pubescent male contingent will probably approve as well.

And, hey, perhaps even those who remember MC Hammer and the days before YouTube will be won over by Psy's continuing zany elasticity.

hot girl from Psy gentleman gif - Imgur

psy gentleman upvote gif - Imgur

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