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Hippo Eating Watermelon gif

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Or rather, feeding a whole watermelon TO Henry the Hippo:

More info on Hippos and Watermelons at National Geographic's Ultimate Hippo:

It's fun in reverse, too:

Hippo Watermelon reverse gif - Pez dispenser Hungry Hungry Hippo as over-sized - Imgur

Hippos also eat pumpkins:

Hippo eats pumpkins gif


watermelon slurp contest gif

I don't know what's more chilling. This:

Hippos kill more people each year than lions, elephants, leopards, buffaloes and rhinos combined.

Or this:

Hippos bite off people’s heads!

It's hard to look at that watermelon without thinking of a person's head now!

Hippo dancing with Alligator fantasia Disney

Pandas like watermelon, too:

Panda eating watermelon

More animals eating watermelons:

Hippos don't care.

Hippo alligator gif not even giving a fuck Imgur

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