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Shark Cat on Roomba chasing Duckling gif

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Catshark! With lasers!

Roomba Cat shark duckling gif with lasers! - Imgur

In this video from 2012, Max (a cat who loves to ride Roomba vacuums) sits on top of one while wearing a shark costume and chases a duckling around the room. Look for a cameo by Sharky, a pit bull in a hammerhead shark costume. This is why the Internet was invented.

Roomba cat shark duckling dog sombrero max

Strangely relevant.

what if I told you there was a cat dressed as a shark riding a vacuum chasing a duckling

I guess a duckling would take a dumpling. SharkCat for the win!

shark cat Roomba gif Imgur

shark cat roomba gif Imgur Tumblr perfect loop

Run duckling run!!!

I have nothing here is a baby duck following a Cat. - Imgur

Cat don't care.

imgur: the simple image sharer

shark balloon cat gif

roomba cat hits dog gif Hovercat will smite thee! Imgur

many cats on roomba gif All aboard the karma train! Imgur

french bulldog dog roomba gif Imgur Tumblr

I wonder if shark cat would like a spider.

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