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Slingjaw Shloop Fish gif

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Goblin Bass?

my boys are calling it "vacuum fish."

It's called a slingjaw wrasse:

This kind of fish can be colorful:


Here's a bright yellow slingjaw wrasse pet fish:

It does not eat in this video, though.

Weird fish of the week: Sling-jaw wrasse | Blog | Practical Fishkeeping

And another:

dude, if i ever get a saltwater fish tank, i will have to get one of those!  nonstop entertainment!


Note that you can only have one per tank as they prefer the company of fish other than other slingjaws:

awww... like my beautiful lonely betta.

Heh. You can keep other fish with a slingjaw as long as there's no second slingjaw.

Makes me wonder how they reproduce.

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