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Anxiety? Existential crisis? David Lynch film? Take a Tylenol -

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Tylenol helps with feeling left out???

"Previous studies have shown that physical pain and social pain -- like the pain of feeling left out of a game -- have evolved to use similar neurological mechanisms. They activate the same regions in the brain that respond to unpleasantness. When you take acetaminophen, MRI scans have shown, those parts of your brain activate less and you register less pain -- be it the pain of a sprained ankle or the pain of feeling left out."

Now I want to spike everyone's drink with Tylenol before watching a David Lynch movie: "I don't know. It just didn't feel as disturbing as his previous films. I think he's losing that magic touch."

Ha. Certainly there are more fun things to spike peoples' drinks with than Tylenol?

I'd like to see a judge prosecute me for that one though...

Searching the web I could not find a single incident of Tylenol spiking in the courts.

Good point. In general it is bad to mix pain killers and alcohol.

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