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How To Bake A Mondrian Cake - Modern Art Desserts

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As an artist, Caitlin Freeman found her calling in cake.

Freeman started out wanting to be an art photographer. But one day, while still in art school, she came across Display Cakes, artist Wayne Thiebaud's 1963 painting of frosted confections, during a visit to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. The image was so arresting, it stayed with her for years, and later inspired her to set off on a completely different career path: baking.

"I wasn't really sure what I loved about [the painting], but I really just became obsessed with cakes," Freeman tells The Salt.

Over the past several years, Freeman has made a name for herself by crafting desserts inspired by the great works of modern art on display at SFMOMA. She sells these edible art bites at the Blue Bottle Coffee bar, the cafe she and her husband, Blue Bottle founder James Freeman, operate inside the museum.

Memo to self: Buy the book Modern Art Desserts.

Beautiful art here... 

I wonder if it tastes as good as it looks?

Have to be honest--I don't eat a lot of foods that aren't natural--the blue dye probably would not end up on my plate, but this reminds me of some sushi. 

It looks like sushi. Too bad there's no way to make it naturally blue using blueberries.

Suppose you could--not that blue, though... 

I had to look!

Dawn, this looks like a fun chemistry experiment for your students. 

I agree with you Geege. Fun! Putting this in my DIY stash...

This one can't be stashed, must be made. I vote for Adam... make this and get back to us:) 

I'll let that one go...So, do we vote for Adam baking this cake? Who's local to test it... 

Dude, do you even bake?  ("Dude" being Adam in this case)

Isn't the point of life to learn? Baking is a little more difficult because it is scientific… But that should give Adam the home-court advantage. I'd like to see him re-create this cake.

I don't bake, but I do eat!


What?! How is that cheating?

You cut and pasted the cake. Is that how they make them in CA? I have so much yet to learn...

You said "make this"! Only later did you say I had to learn how to bake...

Good point, but I think if that's the way they bake in California, no wonder Tim Ferriss is doing so well teaching you all w the cookbook. But he's shooting himself in the foot w the Body book, because I suppose everyone'd be severely underweight looking at that cake instead of eating it... 

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