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How acura hacked the direct mail open rate


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If you want to improve your direct mail open rate, just include strong and absolutely irrelevant threat right on the top of the envelope. Seems like Acura did just that.:)

ummm...... Federal Postal regulations don't take kindly to pretending to be official correspondence. They're probably within the letter of the law but a complaint to your Postmaster will trigger a PIS investigation.

Do they? They said Acura TXS, I'm not sure if it's pretending to be from the government officials. 

The problem portion is the legal disclaimer and citation, particularly since it doesn't include any intentionally ambiguous language like "may be subject to"

In any case it's illegal to threaten people over email. Complain! Complain!

It might be, I do not bother for the services offered anyway. I thought it's just funny how they post some absolutely irrelevant warning of very harsh punishment to increase the open rate:) It seems to work:)

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