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BBC News - Living a conjoined life

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"They have had to learn to reach compromises on everything from what food they eat to their social life and even the clothes they wear.

"We definitely have different styles," says Abby. "Brittany's a lot more like neutrals and pearls and stuff like that and I would rather have it be more fun and bright and colourful."


What is clothes shopping like for conjoined twins?

While Abby is seen as the "outspoken" sister and will always win the argument about what they are going to wear, Brittany says her twin is also much more of a "homebody," whereas she prefers going out.

There are other differences too. Brittany is scared of heights, whereas Abby is not. Abby is interested in maths and science, while Brittany prefers the arts."

And their hearts react differently to coffee!  I don't know why that difference stood out to me. 

How can they clothes-shop? Don't special clothes need to be made for them?

Cannot begin to imagine the complications that dating/relationships must present...

Eeeee.  Aside from the obvious two personalities/once body challenge, I wonder if two personalities/two hearts is easier than two two personalities/one heart.

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