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Amazing Yu Darvish Five Pitches GIF

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That can't be real! Is that real???

What - that all five pitches are so similar that when overlaid they look like one?

Yes! Why have I never seen a gif like this before?

Okay, I'm reading more about how this gif was constructed:

Freaking well done:

An experiment in showing a variety of pitch types in a unique way. Used 5 pitches from last night; a 97 mph 4 seam fastball, 96 mph 2 seam fastball, 85 mph slider, 78 mph slider with a different grip that is more vertical, and a 64 mph slow curve.

He also throws a cutter and splitter/changeup regularly but I figured those would make it too messy.

Justin Verlander approves:

Justin Verlander gif Another homer? Wow. - Imgur

Here are all five pitches clearly labeled:

Yu Darvish Five Pitches Labeled gif

More discussion:

Getting schooled:

"The four-seamer is intended to overpower hitters primarily from its velocity. The idea is to get the ball through the strike zone before the hitter can recognize how fast the pitch is and where it will be thrown. It follows that the faster and more accurately the pitch can be thrown, the more effective it will be. An effective four seam fastball is very difficult for a hitter to get around on, and to get the sweet spot of the bat on, because the hitter must swing very early to catch up to the pitch.

The chief disadvantage of the four-seamer is its lack of break. If a hitter can anticipate where the pitch will be thrown, the lack of movement on the pitch makes it very easy to hit. Its high velocity also enables batters to hit it extremely hard, and if a hitter can square up on it the pitch can be readily hit for power. The pitch's effectiveness also decreases substantially if it cannot be thrown accurately for strikes. Unlike some other pitches, because of its straight and level flight, it will not fool very many hitters and won't produce very many swings when thrown out of the zone."

I could see how a second screen that analyzes pitches as you watch would be pretty darn cool.