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Sexy Randy's Donuts and Donut Holes gif -- Alyssa Taos Callahan

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Source is Alyssa Taos Callahan:

"Your life is comprised of the choices you make. Nothing more, nothing less."

Made it into IMDB:

Alyssa on IMDB:

Her name is Alyssa Taos Cherry now, according to Reddit:

Donuts or Boobs?

donuts or boobs decision


wow.  I saw the donuts first................did my male gaze fail me for the glaze?

I too am mesmerized by the glaze, Jared.

Sexy donuts glaze gif

So much class crammed into one picture:

So much class crammed into one picture. - Imgur

donut birthday cake!  what a great group idea...better than cupcakes

You and I share the same value system, Jared. I love you, man!

You, sir, just made my day!

Excellent! Let's celebrate with donuts!!

Sexy donuts

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