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Screw Princesses -- Disney Villains Are the Real Role Models!

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Katie J.M. baker writes:

Villains are goal-oriented, while princesses are content with a puffball dress and Ken doll beau. Villains don't put virginal love on a pedestal. One could even argue that villains provide an opportunity to teach your children about making the right choices. (For example, don't be covetous/kill Dalmatians. Also, chill out if you don't get invited to a party! That was Maleficent's chief issue, which I'll admit is a tad superficial, although I'll argue that there's way more going on beneath the surface. And DRAGONS.)

Princesses are only princesses because of who their parents are or the man they marry. Villains don't get it that easy. Villains shape their own lives.


Meh to princesses? Or villains? Or both?

meh to this article.i am a fan of jezebel at times.   I found this to be a lazy attempt.

Yeah, you're right. I wanted to agree with the premise but the logic is weak.

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