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Instapaper makes $1 million per year after Apple's cut.

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Instapaper is now owned by Betaworks, which also owns Digg and invested in Twitter and Tumblr.

Betaworks will continue to develop Instapaper, and founder Marco Arment will focus on his magazine.

wth.  is this.. a surprise? this seems surprising to me.  just a little.  that IP would get acquired.  [shrug] and what does Apple have to do with it?  Why is Arment's name familiar... hm.

Arment is the technical cofounder of Tumblr:

Also founder of The Magazine:

His Twitter:

Apple has nothing to do with it -- just pointing out how much Instapaper makes after their 30% cut.

Marco sold the majority Instapaper so he could have more time for The Magazine.

He still owns a stake in it and will revenue share.

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