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Kids' favorite song for this week: Macklemore Can't Hold Us

Source: YouTube Video

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60 second intro, but then it really gets going....

At first I was all "huh?"

But now I'm hooked!

I don't think my kids catch half the lyrics, but just as a point of order, I think giving a great white shark speed during shark week is probably a pretty bad idea.  That and any other non-shark week too.



Seriously, I cannot get the hook of this song out of my head. Macklemore strikes again!

Me too, thus it's an earworm and an infectious groove!

My favorite song of the month is much darker.  It's the promotion song for Bioshock Infinite by Nico Vega.  The acoustic version is a little safer. 




Does anyone else think Nico Vega looks like Exene Cervenka?

Whoa. THAT is a hard song to get out of my head!

I can't wait for the USC band to get a hold of that horn section..not for Vega, but for Macklemore!

They do some awesome stuff.

Oh man those are AWeSoME!!

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