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Brent Rambo Approves gif - Thumbs up!

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Brent Rambo Approves!

Source is 481 seconds in -- sorry, 8 minutes into this Apple promo video:

Too bad Brent Rambo has no real back story other than he's in an Apple promo video.

I do love his mullet.

He does have his own subreddit, Brent Rambo Approves:

I wonder if this is him today:

Yeah, Reddit will take a while. It's a challenging user interface to learn.

There are now several gifs of Brent Rambo Likes What He Sees that are Not Safe For Work:

What's NSFW is what he's looking at on his computer screen.

Exhibit A - GloZell:

Exhibit B - Even Worse:

Nasty Internet!

James Franco reaction gif - I've been browsing for two hours and, after trying to upvote a post, realize I still haven't logged in - Imgur

Brent Rambo boobs gif don't care saw tits Imgur

Brent Rambo wins The Internet!

Brent Rambo you win the Internet gif

Thumbs Up!

Brent Rambo Zooey Deschanel hula hoop gif

Brent Rambo Star Wars babe boobs gif

rofl... I used to work with that guy... top notch network admin.

Whoa, that blows my mind. Brent Rambo Approves is one of my favorite gifs of all time.

And the possibilities of mashing it up with other gifs are limitless:

Brent Rambo chimp peeing gif monkey chimpanzee pee approves mashup

The funniest part is the actual Brent Rambo definitely does _not_ approve.. lmao... he is/was so annoyed to see this, I actually feel bad....

It's only going to get worse. His gif is very mashup-able with other gifs.

brent rambo approves rambo gif  brent rambo approves gif

Brent Rambo heavy weapons guy approves gif

and it made funnyordie last weekend....

How meta!

Brent Rambo Approves of BrentRamboApproves gif Imgur

There's also an entire subreddit of NSFW Brent Rambo approves:

NSFW gifs in that sub include orgies, spider sex, and squid sex. Ugh.

Brent Rambo approves of Know Your Meme linking to this page:

Just older self Brent Rambo:

older Brent Rambo approves thumbs up gif Imgur Tumblr

Imgur comments:

Brent is the anti-Grumpy.  

He loves everything! But especially science.

Brent Rambo approves of Science - Imgur

Brent Rambo as everyone on Imgur:

Brent Rambo sexy Emma Watson dancing gif Typical Imgurian every time that Emma Watson gif is posted. Stop upvoting it. - Imgur

Brent Rambo loves Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

Brent Rambo teenage mutant ninja turtles gif April boobs deal with it loves Saturday mornings - Imgur


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