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Amy Balliett, Co-founder & Chief Swiss Army Knife - Killer Infographics | Featured on

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Killer Infographics is a boutique data, design and distribution firm located in the heart of Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. In just 2 short years, they have become one of the top infographic design agencies in the world with over 3000 infographic designs to their name and 250+ global clients including Pepsico, Toyota, Dow Jones, Adobe, T-Mobile and more. They offer a turnkey service from research to design to promotion of your static infographic, motion graphic or interactive design.

While Killer Infographics has become a leading infographic agency, it continues to operate as a scrappy startup able to shift focus quickly for its wide array of clientele. Founded in late 2010 by two online marketers, Killer Infographics proudly hosts a team of marketers mixed with some of Seattle’s best designers, to bring a unique level of service and strategy to the infographic industry. We sat down with Killer Infographics co-founder and Chief Swiss Army Knife, Amy Balliett (aptly named based on the many tasks she tackles in a given day), to see what keeps this agency running strong.

Does "leading infographic agency" imply that there's more than one such company?!

I'm changing my title at work.

Executive Swiss Army Knife

I thought Switzerland was always neutral. Why does a neutral country need an army?

to keep it neutral, duh

Well then couldn't they fight with better weapons than knives???

The Swiss are so advanced they prefer inefficient weaponry.   They're way ahead of us on de-escalation.

Ha! What's next, Swiss Army watches and Swiss Army chocolate?

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