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Hard-to-Kill Houseplants

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I love this article!

PandaWhale needs more articles about gardening!

And more articles about plants!

And more links to Houzz!

You get a +3 for this post Geege!

Agreed. I have a ton of stuff about gardening, sustainability, and stuff you can have, Adam, but I love this because I don't have a lot of sunlight inside, and I miss indoor plants. 

Indoor plants are great! I don't have a garden so the indoor plants are all I have right now...

That's a good one! I had not heard of ponytail palm before...

I like all the plants mentioned but vines can get unwieldy and ficus and palm trees are too big.

Jade seems perfect:

by Kate Maloney Interior Design

4. Jade plant (Crassula ovata). Also known as friendship tree or money plant, jade plant has been widely used as a houseplant for many years. It has plump, glossy leaves on thick stems and can grow up to 4 feet tall if it likes the conditions. 

Give it good light and low water (about once or twice a month), make sure your potting soil is well drained and never let this plant sit in water for long.

Tip: The leaves will wrinkle if you're underwatering. If you notice this, drench the soil with water but then let it slightly dry out before watering again.

I'm also a fan of bamboo, money trees, and cactus:

modern hall by ARTerior Design

5. Cacti (Cactaceae spp). This large family of plants is so drought tolerant that watering once a month is usually sufficient. All cacti are succulents with spines that have spine cushions.

There are so many forms to choose from — taller forms, like Mexican fence post (Pachycereus marginatus);rounded shapes, like golden barrel cactus(Echinocactus grusonii); or the more diminutive spinystar (Corypantha vivipara).

Most prefer bright indirect light, and some can take light by a bright window. Allow the soil to dry out in between waterings and use a weak cactus fertilizer once a month to encourage steady growth.

Tip: To plant prickly plants like cacti, fold newspaper into a long strap and gently wrap it around the cactus. This will protect your hands from being poked as you move it into its pot.

Check out these non-invasive bamboos. The Clone X variety reaches 75'!!  

75 feet sounds a tad invasive to me. :)

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