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Memaws Gumbo Brick - As Seen on Shark Tank

Stashed in: Costco, Memaws Gumbo Brick

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You can't buy meemaw gumbo online yet but thanks to a deal from Lori and Mr. Wonderful, hopefully we'll be able to buy soon!

Our gumbo base is called a BRICK because the foundation for BUILDING a great-tasting gumbo is the roux (pronounced “roo,” as in kangaroo).  Without a rich, flavorful roux, all you’ve got is soup! That’s why MEE-MA’s Louisiana Gumbo Brick starts with imported olive oil to brown its roux to a perfect color and consistency, along with freshly chopped aromatic vegetables, slowly simmered stock, and meticulously combined herbs and spices to create its authentic Louisiana Gumbo Fixin’s.


Watch for it at Costco and online.

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